No Casino Gettysburg is a citizens’ advocacy group dedicated to saving historic Gettysburg, PA and area from becoming a casino town. Formed in 2005, we have defeated two major proposals, and are now fighting a third plan, all by the same developer and all near the hallowed ground of the Gettysburg National Military Park and the Eisenhower National Historic Site.

The current proposal is for a harness racing track and a large casino. It's location on the Journey Through Hallowed Ground and is right at the first highway entrance to PA and Gettysburg from the South, at Rt 15 and Emmitsburg Road. The Highway sign says "Gettysburg -Steinwehr Avenue." (Emmitsburg Road becomes Steinwehr Avenue at the Borough of Gettysburg boundary) Off that entrance you would turn left to pass through The South Cavalary Field and the Gettysburg National Military Park, about 2.5 miles up, the Eisenhower National Historic Site, the middle of the Pickett's Charge area, and the tourist mecca of Steinwehr Ave. If you turn right you drive directly into the RACINO property. It's like putting a neon frame at the entrance to a national treasure.